Trinity School for Ministry Full-Tuition Scholarships

Tags: Doctoral, Graduate

Every year TSM awards a number of full-tuition scholarships to students who study full-time at our residential campus in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. In fact, last year 100% of our residential, full-time campus received this benefit. Additionally, Trinity School for Ministry maintains low tuition relative to other seminaries and the Ambridge area has a relatively low cost of living. Yet many students require financial aid. Trinity encourages students to apply for scholarships and carefully consider any amount of student loans they acquire. Financial aid at Trinity is available for qualifying matriculated students. Each student will be given careful consideration. Trinity will determine financial assistance based on federal and institutional guidelines and will not discriminate. The primary goal in awarding financial aid is to help meet the financial need of students to enable them to secure theological and ministerial education, to ensure equity and consistency in packaging aid, equal educational opportunity, and to be in compliance with federal and state regulations. Students should assume primary responsibility for paying educational costs. Trinity is a graduate school with programs offered by credit courses. The Academic Year for Title IV Federal Student Aid purposes is a nine month period from September through May including Fall Semester, Winter Intensive (JanTerm), and Spring Semester. The Academic Year for Trinity Scholarships is the twelve month period of July 1, 2016- June 30, 2017 (Fall Semester through Summer Term). Winter Intensive (JanTerm) is part of the Spring Semester. Summer Intensive (JuneTerm) is part of the Summer Term.